Volunteerism, cultural exchange and mutual understanding are important elements of Red Feather’s home construction program. Both American Indian and non-native volunteers are vital to each successful construction project, and Red Feather’s focus on active citizenship and cooperation strives to demonstrate that we are each dependent upon one another and play a role in strengthening our communities. With the shared goal of building a house, Indian and non-Indian people labor together. In doing so, volunteers not only lower the cost of homes for new Hopi and Northern Cheyenne homeowners by eliminating labor expenses, they also develop an understanding of one another that leads to communication and mutual respect. In addition to building a house, it is our goal that all volunteers come away from a Red Feather project with a shared understanding and responsibility for the histories our communities are making together, today.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to a Red Feather straw bale home construction project, please start by becoming a Red Feather member, or renewing your membership, by making an annual donation of $35 or more. Donations can be made on-line or can be mailed to our address.  All Red Feather members receive our annual report in March, which provides updates on all we have accomplished with members’ generosity and support. In addition, members receive invitations to attend Red Feather special events -  including special announcements of our volunteer opportunities and building projects. Once the annual build projects are announced (generally in late February), applicants can fill out either the New Volunteer Application or the Returning Volunteer Application.

For current Volunteer Opportunities, please check the current opportunities page for more information.