Straw Bale Home Construction

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Learn how to build a straw bale house

Step 1 - Layout and Foundations
Establish corner locations, erect batter boards and string lines, install “rough” plumbing and electrical and create the foundation for walls.
Step 2 - Window and Door Frames
Fabricate all frames and attach door frames to foundation.
Step 3 - Raising the Walls
Waterproof the foundation, stack the bales, install window frames and install lintels, where necessary.
Step 4 - Roof-Bearing Assembly
Straighten walls, install roof bearing assembly (ladder) and fasten ladder to the foundation.
Step 5 - Adding the Roof
Build roof framework, surface roof framework, install electrical boxes and wiring for ceiling fixtures and install ceiling and insulate.
Step 6 - While the Walls Compress
Finish flooring, create interior partitions, install electrical boxes and wiring in bales, install finish plumbing, secure frames, install windows and doors and trim bales at corners and openings.
Step 7 - Surfacing the Walls
Install expanded metal lath inside and out, install stucco netting on outside, plaster the outside wall surfaces and cover the interior bale walls with plaster.
Step 8 - The Finishing Touches
Finish electrical and pluming details, finish carpentry details, finish painting, staining, tiling, etc. and make the house a home.

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