American Indian Sustainable Housing Initiative

The construction of homes with Hopi and Northern Cheyenne families is integral to Red Feather’s American Indian Sustainable Housing Initiative, which launched in 1999 with the assistance of the University of Washington’s School of Architecture. This program combines community outreach with hands-on, volunteer friendly straw bale home construction, as a feasible means for communities to use their own resources to improve housing. Red Feather homes are completed in four to five weeks, and each build is a training site for individuals to learn about construction practices utilizing three educational components, comprised of: Red Feather’s Straw Bale Construction emphasis, which promotes a construction technique focused on economic and environmental sustainability; our Solar Energy Initiative, which brings energy efficiency and long-term affordability to the homes we build; and the Indigenous Builders Exchange, which provides paid training for American Indians from our partner communities to learn and utilize construction skills. In addition, Red Feather provides year-round guidance to prospective homeowners as they complete the often complicated steps of first-time homeownership.

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